Montréal En Lumière 2018 – February 26 and 27

21 Feb Montréal En Lumière 2018 – February 26 and 27

Enjoy your meal: Miyou Mitsou
Eight Indigenous students and their teacher will spend two days in the metropolis, in the kitchen of chef Helena Loureiro, set high up on the 30th floor of a downtown tower. History tells us that Cree First Nations and Portuguese people are great fishers and hunters. The menu is meant to be a delightful nod to First Nations cuisine. Come taste a true exchange of food culture and cooking techniques!

$75, before wine (tax and tip not included)
$110, including wine (tax and tip not included)

Appetizer //ᑰᔥᑖᑲᓐ
Smoked Goose //ᓂᔅᑳ ᒣᔅᑌᑯ
Artic char // ᓇᒣᔅ
Potato pancake and sturgeon caviar // ᓇᒣᐤ ᐗᑯ ᑲᔦ ᐸᑌᔅ ᐹᓂᑭᒃ

Starters // ᐁ ᒋᐦᒋᐸᐦᐃᐦᑕᐃᓐ
Roe’s tongue Hure and mousse of duck Foie Gras with lobster mushroom // ᐗᔥᑫᓱ ᐅᐦᑌᐃᓂ ᑲᔦ ᔒᔒᑉ ᐱᒦ ᑲᔦ ᐱᓭᒧᒉᔥ
Hare broth with sheby garnish // ᐗᐳᔥ ᔒᐸᐃ ᐊᐳᐦ
Pike fish mousseline, madame Neeposh style, wilted spinach and sorrel with homardine sauce // ᒋᓄᔐᐤ ᑲᔦ ᓂᐦᑕᐅᒋᑲᓐᐦ

Entremets // ᑌᑕᐅᒡ ᒦᒋᒻ
Labrador tea granita // ᐁᒪᔅᑯᑎᒡᐐᓴᒋᐳᑯᐳ

Main dish // ᒦᒋᒻ
Sautéed deer tenderloin, elderberry sauce cattails hearts and salsify // ᐊᑎᑯ ᐅᔭᔅᐅ ᐊ ᓴᓭᔅᒋᑾᓅᒡ ᒦᓂᔥ

Dessert // ᑳᔑᐗᒡ
Saskatoon berry mousse, haskap jam and birch syrup caramel // ᒦᓂᔥ ᑲᔦ ᐆᔥᑯᔮᐴᐦ ᒐ

February 26 and 27 from 19h

514 849-2070, or online via OpenTable

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